Welcome to the Qiang History website, dedicated to the Qiang people of western Sichuan,China.

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A = Maoxian. The Qiang region extends from Maoxian west to Heishui; south to Wenchuan and west from Wenchuan towards Lixian; north from Maoxian towards Songpan, and east from Maoxian towards Beichuan.

The purpose of this site is to publish information relating to the Qiang people of China. It includes translations of references to the Qiang within Chinese historical documents as well as other articles, photos and general information about the Qiang.
References to people known to the Chinese as Qiang are recorded on the oracle bones of the Shang dynasty towards the end of the 2nd millennium BC. Qiang seems to have been a generic term for people or peoples to the west of the Chinese who raised sheep. Other early groups, such as the Xiongnu, Wuhuan and Xianbei of late BC/early AD, have long ceased to exist by name but a small people group, numbering approximately 300,000, still goes by the name Qiang. They live mainly along the upper reaches of the Min River in the towns and villages around Wenchuan, Lixian, and Maoxian, extending as far north as Songpan and also in the area of Beichuan, extending north up to Pingwu.

Sichuan's 8.0 earthquake on 12th May 2008 affected all the areas inhabited by the Qiang so the impact on their community was devastating. As the Qiang people rebuild their lives and communities, the preservation of Qiang culture and identity has become a priority and my hope is that this website will contribute to that.

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